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Ideal for schools who want to support their teachers to manage the behaviour of risk-taking and vulnerable teens under their care. Risk-taking activities may include drinking alcohol and taking drugs, hanging out with ‘the wrong crowd’, engaging in under age sex, absconding from home, and truanting from school. Vulnerable teens may be identified by the following examples – experiencing poor mental health, self-harming, withdrawing, show noticeable changes in their personality or schooling, are being bullied.

Teen Revolution engages with teachers working directly with, or who play a pivotal role in the lives of risk-taking and vulnerable teenagers at their school to increase their specialised knowledge, improve their skillset and build their confidence supporting teens who are struggling with life.

What We Do

This package is presented in two parts:

Part 1: This session addresses the importance of self-care practices of the staff and give some practical advice on incorporating self-care into their busy schedules. Self-care lowers stress levels and raises their tolerence levels so they may better manage teenagers’ difficult and challenging behaviour as it arises.

Part 2: This session focusses on educating and upskilling teachers on how to work with risk-taking and vulnerable teenagers compassionately, safely and effectively. Information covered will include: underlying reasons for teenagers risk-taking behaviour (they’re not just bad kids), ‘vulnerable’ teens – what to look out for and how to support them, how to prevent/minimise outbursts in the classroom and reduce stress for all.


90 minute session on the value of self-care for teachers and its flow on effect to their students, includes ideas for self-care practises and how to effectively support each other. Approximately 60 minutes of the session is an interactive presentation by the Teen Revolution coach with practical exercisse. 30 minutes is set aside for Q&A/discussion during which teachers are free to discuss their own experiences and ask questions pertinent to the material covered.

90 minute session on understanding and working effectively with at risk and vulnerable tenagers in their care. Material covered includes the differences and similarities between risk-taking and vulnerable teens, underlying causes of their behaviour, and how to manage difficult and challenging behaviour effectively without escalating the situation. Approximately 60 minute of this will be an interactive presentation with practical exercises and 30 minutes for Q&A/discussion in which the teachers can ask clarifying questions, share their own experiences and ask case specific advise.

A concise and digestible resource for each session (one on Self-care and one about Working with risk-taking and vulnerable teens) which teachers can refer to with ease after the program is completed. They will contain a summary of the main take-aways from the sessions and actionable steps the teachers can take.

Ongoing access to Teen Revolution Coach for one week after the final session to support teachers while they put theory into practice and gain confidence. Coaches can answer questions that arise after the program, clarify any material covered in the sessions, and troubleshoot any pressing issues as they occur in real time.

Short pre- and post- evaluation questionnaires for the teachers to complete and a compilation of the data collected which will be provided to the school.

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Teen Revolution also offers longer term support for schools tailored specifically to the needs of its teachers. This level of assistance results in guaranteed, prolonged behavioural and cultural change in the staff and school at large. It improves their ability to work with risk-taking and vulnerable teens effectively, efficiently and confidentially, in turn improving academic and life outcomes for these teens.

Teen Revolution works collaboratively with the school to write a personalised plan which best supports the teachers, and ensures it is implemented in the most effective and least disruptive way.

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Reduce Outbursts in the Classroom before stepping a foot inside with these surprising approaches  


Our unique customised and collaborative approach clearly stands out from other services. Teen Revolution provides a simple and impactful way to support teenagers struggling to navigate adolescence and help them on the path to positive, long term outcomes fast.


Perfect for schools who want to provide teachers with the specialised knowledge and skills to support the risk-taking and vulnerable teens under their care.

Teen Revolution works directly with teachers to assist them in understanding and managing the behaviours of students at their school who have raised concern. This not only improves the welfare of these students, but also reduces stress for the teachers, improves wellbeing of their peers and results in a more enjoyable and productive teaching environment.

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Our premium package is ideal for schools where a number of risk-taking and/or vulnerable teens have been identified. The program is designed for groups (three or more) of students who are of concern to the school.

Teen Revolution works closely with the young people as a group within the school environment providing them the opportunity to have honest, open discussions about what is going on for them, identify their needs, ask for what they want, take responsibility for their lives and inspired action to improve it.

Teen Revolution also works with the students immediate support network. By working collaboratively with the young people, their teachers and parents, Teen Revolution is able to facilitate the best, long term outcomes possible for the teens in their program.

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This package is perfect for and specifically designed for a single risk-taking, vulnerable teenager that needs critical, individualised support. It is ideal for teens who are socially isolated either by choice or circumstance (for example bullying) and would benefit better from personalised attention than a group setting. This option is also suited to those whose behaviour is challenging to manage in groups.

Teen Revolution works intensively with the young person through 1-1 mentoring, focusing on the exact needs of the young person so they build confidence, increase self-worth, learn to communicate confidently and ask for what they want, and get excited about their future.

Teen Revolution simultaneously works in close collaboration with the student’s teachers and parents to provide them with the crucial knowledge and skills necessary to provide the teen with the support they need.

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