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Risk-taking and Vulnerable teens’

Teen Revolution resulted from Laura’s overwhelming frustration at witnessing support services can largely fail struggling teenagers due to their strict acceptance criteria for clients, rigidly structured approach, and organisational red tape. Teen Revolution stands out as unique – it is flexible in its approach, writing bespoke packages in response to the specific needs of the schools and students it works with, and engages all teenagers deemed at-risk or vulnerable by their school due to their behaviour. Furthermore, Teen Revolution works collaboratively with the young people, their teachers and parents to ensure they receive ongoing support and attain long term positive outcomes.


For ALL teenagers to meet their full potential and thrive in a world they have created. 

Teen Revolution facilitates long lasting behavioural change by supporting, educating and empowering risk-taking and vulnerable teenagers, while equipping their parents and teachers with essential skills and knowledge to promote crucial cultural change within the home and school environments.

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Valuable Teenage Info

‘(vulnerable young people are) Young people who, through a combination of their circumstances and adolescent risk-taking behaviour, are at risk of not realising their potential to achieve positive life outcomes’.

Vulnerable Youth Framework, 2008
State Government Victoria

COVID-19: impact of parental unemployment. 'Teenagers previously not identified as vulnerable are at risk due to parental unemployment or underemployment and the subsequent financial, emotional, psychological and social pressures this puts on the family.'

Number of Australia’s vulnerable children is set to double as Covid-19 takes its toll, 2020
Mitchell Institute, Victoria University

COVID-19: increased risk of suicide ‘Feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and other emotional or financial stresses are known to raise the risk for suicide’.

Covid -19, Support for Teens and Young Adults, 2020
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), Division of Viral Diseases

‘Risk factors relating to families, peer groups, school or community environments can increase the likelihood that young people will be exposed to or engage in risk-taking activities. Positive aspects of these same experiences can be engaged to build resilience and protective activities for young people’.

Risk-taking Adolescents and Child Protection, 2014
Research in Practice

Teen Revolution

Teen Revolution works with High Schools in the Greater Sydney area to support risk-taking and vulnerable teenagers.

We have three packages available to suit various requirements.


Our unique customised and collaborative approach clearly stands out from other services. Teen Revolution provides a simple and impactful way to support teenagers struggling to navigate adolescence and help them on the path to positive, long term outcomes fast.


Teen Revolution engages with teachers working directly with, or who play a pivotal role in the lives of risk-taking and vulnerable teenagers at their school.


Our premium package is designed for groups (three or more) of risk-taking, vulnerable teenagers. It involves the young people, their teachers and parents working collaboratively with Teen Revolution to achieve the best, long term outcomes for all.


This package is designed for a single risk-taking, vulnerable teenager that needs critical support. Teen Revolution works intensively with the young person through 1-1 mentoring, while simultaneously working in close collaboration with the student’s teachers and parents.

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Our framework empowers vulnerable teenagers with techniques and strategies to increase their self-worth, make conscious decisions and take responsibility for their lives so they may thrive in the World.


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