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About Laura Chappell

Founder of ‘Teen Revolution’ 

(and its sister company, ‘Unique Parenting’)

Laura Chappell is a Life and Empowerment Coach supporting teenagers engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour in both the school and home environments. Laura works with the young person, their teachers and parents to achieve positive, long lasting and fundamental change in the lives of the teens engages. Laura has a decade of experience in specialist front line roles focussing on young people who have survived trauma. These include evaluating a wellbeing program for refugee youths; providing intensive support to young people living in foster care and residential homes transitioning into the community; and protecting ‘at high risk’ children as a caseworker in an elite child protection unit of the NSW Government. 

Laura’s unique experiences of challenging, high-pressure roles, her Psychology degree, and trauma informed training, led her to create her companies specialised three-pronged approach, ‘The Trinity Technique’. Teen Revolution empowers risk-taking, vulnerable teenagers with techniques and strategies to increase their self-worth, make conscious decisions and take responsibility for their lives so they may thrive in the World.

 Laura is an English woman living in Sydney with her dog, cat and an excessive number of plants.

About Teen Revolution

During her career, Laura engaged with multiple systems focusing on immediate intervention, where long-term outcomes were extremely limited for the risk-taking, vulnerable young people they served. Furthermore, many teens she engaged with were unable to access services as they did not meet the criteria (their parents were too wealthy, or they were not ‘at-risk or vulnerable’ enough); were unable to travel to the service provider or had to wait extended periods of time for an appointment. In response, Laura founded Teen Revolution to provide a holistic and multifaceted approach where long term behavioural and cultural change is achieved for teenagers engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour. Teen Revolution works within the schools meaning the service comes to the young person, and there is no criteria except the teen needs to be identified as concerning to the school (engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour).

Teen Revolution adopts a novel three-pronged approach, ‘The Trinity Technique’, by engaging the teenager, their parents, and their teachers. The best outcomes are achieved by working collaboratively with the teenager and their immediate support network. By educating and upskilling their parents and teachers, cultural change can occur within the home and school environments. As a result, behavioural change for the teenager is more sustainable over a long period of time due to the environments they are predominantly in, being conducive of their new behaviours.

Our Values


We view the employees of our company and the people it serves as a community based on true connection. As such, Teen Revolution also highly values attributes such as respectfulness, open-mindedness, tolerance, compassion, vulnerability, and communication in its staff. 


Cooperation among employees, and between staff and our clients is fundamental to achieving positive and fundamental, long lasting change for those we serve.


Our staff are dedicated to producing high quality bespoke programs for every client, and to achieving the best outcomes for those we serve.

Teen Revolution also commits to providing every client an exceptional service from initial contact, throughout our engagement, and beyond our official working relationship.


Employees are encouraged to take initiative, to think outside the box and create novel and engaging programs that inspire the young people we serve to fulfil their full potential.


Our company constantly develops and innovates in response to the changing needs of our client’s and the global environment it works within, so Teen Revolution can provide the best service and outcomes possible for every client. 

Does a Student at your school need extra support?

Unique Parenting works intensely with teens engaging with problematic risk-taking behaviour and their parents in the home environment to address any challenging behaviours exhibited by the teenager, with particular focus on the dynamic between the young person and their parent(s).

For more information, please visit Unique Parenting website at www.Unique-Parenting.com.au