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Supports Teens Engaging in Problematic Risk-taking Behaviour

We create the next generation of change makers one “problem” teen at a time, transitioning them from “troubled” to “triumphant!”

Are there students at your school constantly acting out?

Are they engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour and you’re concerned for their safety?

Are they disrupting the class and preventing their peers from learning?

Teen Revolution works with teens engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour where ‘normal’ developmental risk-taking has escalated to the degree it negatively impacts the teen in any or all areas of their life. This could be at school, home or in the wider community and affecting them socially, emotionally, psychologically and academically. Their behaviour has become concerning to the people who care for them and has little evidence of calming down.

Teen Revolution helps teens engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour understand what is behind their behaviour and work towards addressing this underlying issue. Teen Revolution programs teach teens skills such as emotional regulation; assertive communication; identifying their needs and asking them to be met and setting healthy boundaries.

Teens will also build their self-awareness and take responsibility for their lives, so they are empowered to take action instead of being passively swept along by circumstances. They learn to value their worth in the world, recognise their unique abilities and individual skills, and excitedly explore their passions and talents. As a result, they get back on track to achieving their academic goals, taking part in extracurricular activities, and thriving as active members of the school community.

Teen Revolution takes a unique approach to working with teens engaging in problematic risk-taking by taking a three-pronged approach. Teen Revolutions signature framework “The Trinity Technique’ also provides their parents and teachers with the skills and knowledge to support the teens in their lives to push through their struggles and realise a positive and fulfilling way of being. This results in fundamental, long term change in the teens behaviour.

If you are struggling with any teens at your school and don’t know what to do, that’s where we, at Teen Revolution, can help.

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For ALL teenagers to meet their full potential and thrive in a world they have created.

Teen Revolution facilitates long lasting behavioural change by supporting, educating and empowering teens engaging in. problematic risk-taking behaviour, while equipping their teachers and parents with essential skills and knowledge to promote crucial cultural change within the school and home environments.

We supports Teens to Transition from 'Troubled' to 'Triumphant'!

We work with teens who are struggling with the pressures of adolescence, who are feeling lost or misunderstood and expressing themselves through risk-taking or harmful behaviour.

We see them. We hear them and we listen to them.

We design our programs based on their specific needs. Our programs are fluid and flexible in their structure, developing organically depending on the students requirements at the time, thus addressing any pressing issues as they arise.

By collaborating with the teens in this way, they gain some autonomy over their lives and sense of control over its direction. They become empowered to make positive decisions, to problem solve, take responsibility for their actions and subsequently build resilience. They find purpose in the world and confidence in who they are.      

Valuable Teenage Info

‘(vulnerable young people are) Young people who, through a combination of their circumstances and adolescent risk-taking behaviour, are at risk of not realising their potential to achieve positive life outcomes’.

Vulnerable Youth Framework, 2008
State Government Victoria

COVID-19: impact of parental unemployment. 'Teenagers previously not identified as vulnerable are at risk due to parental unemployment or underemployment and the subsequent financial, emotional, psychological and social pressures this puts on the family.'

Number of Australia’s vulnerable children is set to double as Covid-19 takes its toll, 2020
Mitchell Institute, Victoria University

COVID-19: increased risk of suicide ‘Feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and other emotional or financial stresses are known to raise the risk for suicide’.

Covid -19, Support for Teens and Young Adults, 2020
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), Division of Viral Diseases

‘Risk factors relating to families, peer groups, school or community environments can increase the likelihood that young people will be exposed to or engage in risk-taking activities. Positive aspects of these same experiences can be engaged to build resilience and protective activities for young people’.

Risk-taking Adolescents and Child Protection, 2014
Research in Practice

Teen Revolution

Teen Revolution works with High Schools in the Greater Sydney area to support teens engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour.

We have three packages available which are then tailored to suit the specific needs of your school.

All packages are aligned with NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Wellbeing Framework.


Our unique customised and collaborative approach clearly stands out from other services. Teen Revolution provides a simple and impactful way to support teenagers struggling to navigate adolescence and help them on the path to positive, long term outcomes fast.

All packages are aligned with NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Wellbeing Framework.


Perfect for schools who want to provide teachers with the specialised knowledge and skills to support teens engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour under their care.

Teen Revolution works directly with teachers to assist them in understanding and managing the behaviours of students at their school who have raised concern. This not only improves the welfare of these students, but also reduces stress for the teachers, improves wellbeing of their peers and results in a more enjoyable and productive teaching environment.

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Our premium package is ideal for schools where a number of teens engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour have been identified. The program is designed for groups (three or more) of students who are of concern to the school.

Teen Revolution works closely with the young people as a group within the school environment providing them the opportunity to have honest, open discussions about what is going on for them, identify their needs, ask for what they want, take responsibility for their lives and take inspired action to improve it.

Teen Revolution also works with the students immediate support network. By working collaboratively with the young people, their teachers and parents, Teen Revolution is able to facilitate the best, long term outcomes possible for the teens in their program.

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This package is perfect for and specifically designed for a single teenager engaging in problematic risk-taking behaviour who needs critical, individualised support. It is ideal for teens who are socially isolated either by choice or circumstance (for example bullying) and would benefit better from personalised attention than a group setting. This option is also suited to those whose behaviour is challenging to manage in groups.

Teen Revolution works intensively with the young person through 1-1 mentoring, focusing on the exact needs of the young person so they build confidence, increase self-worth, learn to communicate confidently and ask for what they want, and get excited about their future.

Teen Revolution simultaneously works in close collaboration with the student’s teachers and parents to provide them with the crucial knowledge and skills necessary to provide the teen with the support they need.

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Our framework empowers vulnerable teenagers with techniques and strategies to increase their self-worth, make conscious decisions and take responsibility for their lives so they may thrive in the World.


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